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Outline History of Main Street UMC (a work in progress)

1868           Main Street Church was dedicated July 22, 1868.

1898           Arlington Street Methodist Church organized.       

1920           Major renovations to Main Street--new entrances to the building, floors and installation of our beautiful memorial stained glass windows.  

1944           Steeple was removed as slate shingles were starting to fall off and the state of the timbers was questionable.        

1948           Installation of new chancel area and Casavant organ, plus remodeling and decorations of church rooms. Kitchen was expanded to its present size and a stage was built where the offices now are.

1950           Dedication of the Casavant organ "in loving memory of Allen F. Barker and his wife Emma." The organ had 1768 pipes, ranging from 16 feet to 3/16 inches.

1956           A 7,000 gallon oil tank was purchased and buried in the front yard to replace tanks under the church building.

1957           Excavation under the present building to form Fellowship Hall and kindergarten room plus storage.

1965           Purchase of the Wesley Building for church school space, plus the five stores and parking area.

1972           Construction of the chapel and offices.

1975           Church voted to remain downtown, to serve all the area, and to renovate not rebuild. Insulated whole church, new roof.

1977           Church vestry and first floor redecorated and refurbished church parlor. Wesley building redecorated and work done on plumbing, electrical, and heating systems.

1978           Completed Wesley Building renovation and started Parsonage. Redecorated basement floor area of church.

1981           Church heating converted to gas. Stained-glass windows covered with lexan for protection. Major roof repairs to the stores.

1983           Rev. Ralph Bruce became the MSUMC pastor for the next nine years.

1986           Steeple replaced and handicap accessibility lift installed.

1992           Wesley Building renovated.

1992           Rev. Dave Svenson became the MSUMC pastor for the next eight years.

2000           Rev. Lenora Sue Job became the MSUMC pastor for the next eight years.

2008           Rev. Gwen Purushotham became the MSUMC pastor for the next three years with Pastor Dave as interim pastor until 2012.

2012           Rev. Rich Cullen became the MSUMC pastor.

2013           Church again voted to remain downtown to serve as the heart in the heart of Nashua.

2015           Construction of the connector approved, stores demolished, and Wesley Building roof replaced.

2017           A new projection system for the sanctuary was given by Ian Clarke-Pounder in memory of his wife Brenda. The family of Nonny Egbuonu contributed to the new audio system. 

2018           Jerry Harrow, Kelly Rose, and Ted Luszey helped to set up and debug the visual and audio systems.

2018           The new two-story connector with an elevator was dedicated on May 20. 


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