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When requests are made by the Pastor or staff of Main St. UMC, the Nurture committee provides guidance, support and encouragement to the ministries of Joyful Shepherds, Prayer Chain, Emergency Family Services, Funeral Coordinators, Funeral Luncheon Coordinators.

This group also takes flowers to shut-ins, visits elderly parishioners and organizes meals.

Committee collectively meets a few times a year (October & April).   Sub-groups stay in touch via email, phone or personal meetings. 

Sub-groups include:
  • Joyful Shepherds - Nancy Long coordinator
  • Luncheon Coordinators: Carol Riley, Erna Laing
  • Prayer Chain Coordinator: Cynthia Morrissey
  • Memorial Service Coordinator: Sally Curtis
  • Emergency Family Services Coordinator:

Events include:

  • Joyful Shepherds Christmas Party
  • Valentine Happening


The NURTURE Committee NEEDS YOU!!!

If you like to encourage people, to interact with them by cards/notes, e-mail, face to face, by cooking meals or making phone calls, if you are available to provide transportation for those who are unable to get to appointments, church or to organize others to help with these activities, there is a place for you in the Nurture Committee!  We oversee and participate in the Prayer Chain and Joyful Shepherds; we help coordinate Funeral Service and Luncheons as well as Emergency Family Services.  Each of the following groups can function independently as needed and the Nurture committee meets only when necessary. Much follow-up work is done by phone and computer contact as well as get-togethers for the individuals directly responsible for the tasks/activities.  Nancy Long is current chair of Nurture. 

Prayer Chain                                                                         Funeral Service Coordinators                              E-mail or phone skills                                            Works with pastor and family as needed to plan service details

Computer organizing skills                                  

Prayer and spiritual skills                                   

Writing skills                                                             

Informing us of member needs                            

Current leader: Cindy Morrissey                                   Current leaders: Sally Curtis & Sara Chambers


Emergency Family Services                                                Funeral Luncheon Coordinators 

Organize snacks or meals                                            Organize computer and phone lists 

Contribute foods or goodies                                           Coordinates with family or Nurture Chair

Phone or contact others to bring food                             Provides meals or rides to members

Decorate and plan luncheon display                               Delivers meals

Volunteers to help with luncheon                              

Current leaders: Carol Riley and Erna Laing                   Nancy Long currently fills in as leader


Joyful Shepherds                                                                    Current Nurture Needs

Visit members in private homes, nursing care                Members to write notes or make phone calls    

facilities, local hospitals…                                            Visitors home bound members

Send greeting cards or notes                                        Find Speakers and related programs

Bring gifts or organize gift-giving                                    Emergency Family Services coordinator(s)

Call members with special needs                                   Co-leader for Joyful Shepherds

Attend training sessions as needed                         

Arrange speakers and programs                                

Take & distribute minutes                                    

Attend parties and help with serving/needs        

Current leader: Nancy Long