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Permanent Endowment

  • The Permanent Endowment Fund
Did you know?  Main Street United Methodist Church has a permanent endowment fund. Its purpose is to provide members and friends the opportunity to make charitable gifts to the Church that will become a permanent endowment of financial support and a living memorial. It is invested in the assets of institutions, companies, corporations or funds that make a positive contribution toward the realizations of goals outlined in the Social Principals of the United Methodist Church.

Who manages the fund?  The Permanent Endowment Committee manages the endowment at the direction of the Charge Conference.

What are the committee's responsibilities?
  • To receive and invest funds, such as bequests or other donations
  • To emphasize the need for adults of all ages to have an estate plan and will and to provide information regarding the preparation of an estate plan
  • To educate the congregation on the opportunities to give to the church through wills, annuities, trusts, life insurance, memorials and various types of property such as securities, real estate or personal property
  • To educate the congregation regarding pre-retirement planning such as establishing a living will or living trust.
What happens to the income?  If the donor restricts the funds, for example, for maintaining the organ, the income is spent only on maintenance and repair of the organ. If the donor does not restrict the funds, the income is added to the church income and used for the budget. In the last twelve months, the fund provided about $4,700 in income to the church.

How can I contribute?  You can designate a contribution to the permanent endowment fund on your check or contact any member of the Endowment Committee regarding non-cash contributions. Contributions can be in memory of a loved one on their birthday or the anniversary of their death. Contributions can be made to honor the living on their birthdays, anniversary, for Christmas or to say thank you. You can give funds through your will, your retirement funds, a trust or your will at your death. You can give funds each year to build up a fund to pay your "pledge" after your death. You can remember a loved one by directing donations to the church.  Finally, you can make contributions on our website through Paypal by using this link.

To find out more....  Contact any member of the committee!