About Growing With Hope

Main Street Church is participating in a year-long leadership program to help us in our individual context to live out our calling, discover who we are, and serve God.   The leaders who are participating in this training are:
  • Kristy Besada
  • Pastor Rich Cullen
  • Margaret Danquah
  • Jerry Harrow
  • Paul Pederzani
  • Lisa Svenson

Our Growing for Hope Team seeks congregational input to help complete our initial homework assignments.

We have four tasks:

  • To develop a list of core values for our church. We want these to be both descriptive of where we are now and prescriptive – where we want to be. We have begun to identify 3-5 values, and we will share this work in the vestry on Sunday mornings, beginning today. We seek your feedback and would love to talk with you.

  • To organize neighborhood walks in our community. We want to get out into the neighborhood. We will walk, starting near the church building and moving out from there. We would love to have you join us or lead us in a walk of our neighborhood or yours. We want this to be an ongoing prayer walk ministry, even after our homework is complete. All walks start at the church.  The following are scheduled

    • Oct 18th, 2014 1pm -- Temple St Area
    • Oct 25th, 2014 1pm -- Tree Streets Area
    • Nov 1st, 2014 1pm -- French Hill Area
    • Sept 26th, 2015 9am -- Lake St Area
    • Oct 24th, 2015 9am -- Temple St Area (Church Conference)

We encourage volunteers to  lead walks in their own neighborhoods as well, please contact the Growing With Hope team.

  • To explore the Mission Insite website. Do you love demographic statistical information? We’d like your help in going online and exploring the area in which we are situated and how we can better reach and serve those who are not a part of a worship community.    Pre-generated reports are available here, or contact a member of the Growing With Hope Team or Church Council for direct access information.  

  • To define our context. We seek your help in discerning our next steps to deepen our understanding of our community context. We will develop and follow through on action items in response. We want the Main Street Community to join us in this journey.

Please come see us in the vestry on Sunday mornings during coffee hour or contact the team by email at GrowingWithHope@mainstreet-umc.org.