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Thanks to Our Veterans

The Main Street United Methodist Church is forever grateful to our many men and women who have served in our military to ensure that we remain the best nation on Earth!  Please let us know of any additions we should be making to this list.

Active Military Members:

Joshua Eherenman - Army

Richard Eherenman - Army - 2nd Tour in Kosovo (UN Peacekeeping) begins 2/14

Matthew M. Lacoe - Army - Battalion Signal Officer, Missouri

Alex Sinclair - 2nd Tour in Afghanistan begins 2/14

Retired Military Members:

David Appler - Navy

Sonnie Bates - Air Force

Arlen Chapman - Air Force

Edward Colburn - Navy

Dale Cox - Army

David Crane - Air Force

Kim Crider - Air Force

Paul Curtis - Air Force

Walt Davidson - Air Force

Steve Davis - Army

Doug Downing - Air Force

Alan Duplisea - Navy

Scott Dwelley - Marine Corps

Dave Eherenman - Air Force

Joshua Eherenman - Army

Elvin Frame - Marine Corps

Mike Gallaher - Army

Ruben Gonzalez - Army

Betty & Phil Hall - Air Force

Roger Hall - Air Force

Kenneth Harvey - Army

Kevin Harvey Jr. - Army

James Hinkle - Navy

Arthur Keefe - Army

Robert W. Kinville - Army

Alan MacDougall - Air Force

Bill Machell - Army

Melvin Meyer - Navy

James Muise - Air Force

Danny Parker - Air Force

Peter Parlow Esq. - Army

Bill Patterson - Air Force

Paul Pederzani - Air Force

Carl Quimby - Army

Steven W. Rogers - Marine Corps

Galen Rose - Air Force

David Svenson - Army

Kent Swanson - Army

Redding Thompson - Army

Keith Vaskelionis - Army

Rick Wheeler - Navy

Roland F. Young Jr. - Air Force

Willard Young - Air Force

Peter Zambri - Navy