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    Praise Service

    The Praise Service is taking the summer off and will be returning in the fall.

    Filled with music, praise and God’s Word we bring to our community a service which both moves the heart and encourages the spirit.
    The service is casual and one for the whole family.

    We invite all to come and be a part of this wonderful and exciting time of worship, praise and faith renewal.
    Please contact church office at Contact Us for more information.  
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    *This service has a contemporary format that focuses on praise and worship.  The format will include a special time for something different from week to week.  We are seeking volunteers with a heart of praise who can commit to helping once a month in various ways:

    Drama: One way to demonstrate God’s grace is through a live skit that illustrates and supports the message of the evening.  If you have a heart for drama, this is your opportunity to use your gifts and talents in support of the Celebration & Praise Service.

    Special Music: We are continually seeking those who can offer a contemporary musical offering of praise.  This can be done with a pre-recorded background, work with the Praise Band for accompaniment, sing a praise song a cappella, or even perform an instrumental solo.

    Video: We have resources to produce our own video offerings.  If you are interested in working with a small group to produce worship videos, “Man in the street” interviews, or any other types of video messages once a month, let us know.

    Praise Music:  The Praise Band has openings for people with particular musical talents.  Maybe it’s time to dust off the guitar or other instruments and put them to some good use.  We meet at 4:00 on Sundays to rehearse.  If you play an instrument, we’d love to have you join us. 

    Personal Testimony:  If you have a story to tell about how God has worked in your life, the Celebration & Praise Service is a great opportunity to share your story and encourage others.

    Technical Support: Sound and video operation are always needed.  With a few talented people, we can establish a rotation.

    This is your opportunity to be part of a great team.  Please contact Andy Manvell at andy@manvell.org or call (603)883-7283 for more information.

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