WHAT’S UP with the display?
What does DARE mean?

MainStreet United Methodist Church is daring to dance ... amongst other things. The idea started with South African artist, Master KG knew he wanted a song that created a vision of hope, of justice, of love. In the Hebrew texts of Ezekiel and Isaiah and then in Revelation, it’s called the ‘The New Jerusalem” this place of hope in the midst of difficulty. It’s a vision of a better day, of a time and place when all suffering ceases, where there is unending beauty, and all are one.

So he created the song “Jerusalema” singing how this new Jerusalem is my home. It is here amongst us....not as a place so much but as a common dream. And then it became a viral sensation, a line dance challenge with folks from around the globe finding joy in a year of pandemic.

"Top 10" Videos

This "top 10" worldwide video has healthcare workers, kids, waitresses, students, priests, nuns, those on their lunch break, professionals on the job, families at home, and starts with a group of African men who don't even need to move their feet to dance and embody the spirit of a new Jerusalem.

Then we added colorful umbrellas for a nod to Gene Kelly’s line, “Got the sun in my heart and I’m ready for love” from the classic film “Singing in the Rain.” The colorful umbrellas are a reminder of an attitude and presence of the divine even when the atmosphere is rainy. And of course our rainbows proclaim that LGBTQIA persons are of sacred worth and display this reconciling congregation’s commitment to welcome and affirm all.

Inspiring Nashua to Dream

The word DARE lit up in our second floor lobby window is hoping to inspire Nashua to dream of such a world and work towards it.

We’re daring ourselves to believe we can change the world.

We’re daring ourselves to not get weighed down by apathy or despair.

What do you need to be dared to dream, or do, or be?

What will you dare?

MSUMC is daring to draw near in community, even in online ways we don’t much like sometimes, to be formed into the body of Christ for the world.

We dare to reach out to encourage others in the face of devastating news cycles...

I dare to __________ (finish the sentence for yourself)

and let us know what you’re daring to dream...

What do you need to be dared to dream, or do, or be?

Try this, complete this sentence for yourself:
I dare to ______________.

What would you like to dare yourself to be?

Courageous, cautious, compassionate?

Patient, prayerful, powerful?

Might your dare statement have less to do with some way

you seek to perform or to be more productive than a way

you wish to be present for the world?

I dare to not let my weariness with COVID, keep me from being cautious.

I dare to wear a mask, even though I’m vaccinated, as a way of caring for others.

I dare to educate myself about the history of race in this country.

I dare to speak out against racism.

I dare to find a spiritual practice that will keep me engaged and nourished in changing the world.

I dare to breathe deeply in the face of anxiety.