Severe Weather Cancellation

Should weather be severe enough to warrant canceling Sunday School or any of the worship services, we will submit the information to:

  • Radio: 95.7 FM WZID on your radio, which may also be accessed at
  • TV: WMUR (Channel 9) which can also be tracked at their website Since there are limited options of what they scroll across the bottom of the TV, this is what to look for: Closed (means nothing all day); Opens at "with a time specified" (means whatever normally starts at that time and after will happen); No Evening Services (5:30 pm Praise Service only is canceled).
  • Website: More details may be available on the church website in the Facebook feed.

A special code is required to submit any cancellations to the radio and TV stations, so any requests to cancel church programs need to go through the pastor or Director of Christian Education.

NOTE: Groups, classes or committees meeting midweek and needing to cancel should use a calling tree as a procedure is not in place for announcing church closings then.