Thanksgiving Baskets

Requests for Thanksgiving baskets have been rolling in!

  • Be sure to take some items from the bulletin board in the vestry so that we can fill fifty baskets.
  • You can bring non-perishable items before next Sunday.
  • Put the bags in food pantry down-stairs on the bottom rack (LEFT as you go down stairs).

Turkeys, usually our biggest expense items, this year are being provided by the NH Food Bank, a wonderful gift for us.

Here is what goes in a basket: one turkey, 2 or 3 cans of vegetables, 1 can of yams, brown sugar, 5 or 10 pounds of potatoes, celery, a pound of carrots, several onions, stuffing, cranberry sauce, 2 pie crusts, evaporated milk, rolls, a dozen eggs, pie filling, milk, and butter. (If you find that buying a whole packaged pie is less expensive than purchasing crusts and filling, we can put the pre-made pies in the baskets instead.) Other items such as quick bread mixes, olives, pickles, candy, salad dressing, coffee, tea, and other beverages, fresh fruit, and squash are added to baskets as available. The milk, eggs, and most of the rolls are purchased at the last minute. Donations toward those purchases and “filling in” the missing items in the baskets are very useful.

Be sure to involve your whole family in choosing items from the bulletin board. Kids may want to include something special that you didn’t even know was a part of your Thanksgiving tradition!

Help will be needed the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving for filling and distributing the baskets. See Robert Zanzerkia for details.

Thank you,

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