About Us

The United Methodist Church is an 11-million-strong global church that opens hearts, opens doors and opens minds through active engagement with our world. -- umc.org

Greetings in these uncertain times as we seek to be together even while staying apart. We welcome you to the journey of discovery, of who we are, of what is true and beautiful and life-giving in the world. We seek to live deeply, love with courage, to serve the community and connect with God and creation. We invite you to travel with us.

You’ll find a wide welcome here, not a cookie-cutter existence. Your identity, your experiences, the way you live out your faith are unique and valued. And because churches don’t always mean “all” when they say “all are welcome” – let’s be clear. We affirm wherever you are on the continuum of sexual orientation and gender identity, whether you claim a label or find your home in something more fluid or non-conforming. Whatever your nationality or age, your cultural background, your marital status or family configuration, your education or your ability to take the stairs, you’re welcome. If live under a roof or outdoors, you’ll find a welcome here. If you’re not certain what you believe and find doubt central to faith, or if you weren’t raised in the church and question whether it’s relevant, we welcome you to the journey of faith.

For over 150 years Main Street UMC has been a living presence in downtown Nashua where we seek to be a heart in the heart of Nashua. A heart does not exist for itself, but to pump oxygen to the extremities, to make life possible for those at the farthest reaches. And like any muscle, it can be strengthen, so we practice the rhythm of grace through worship and study, mission and ministry.

And while many of our in-person activities have been suspended, we still gather in worship each Sunday around screens becoming community through the on-line comments, through our prayers, through our sharing of the peace, however imperfectly, however awkwardly. Because the church may have left the building, but we’re still church.

So we persist, just as the faithful have in other times of disaster, or plague, or exile to feed the hungry, visit the lonely, care for the widow and foreigner.

We bring good news & we work to free the captives and oppressed.

Our holy calling is to BE the church not GO to church. We invite you to be a part of that rhythm.

–Pastor Kelly Turney