About Us

The United Methodist Church is an 11-million-strong global church that opens hearts, opens doors and opens minds through active engagement with our world. -- umc.org

Welcome to the on-line presence of the Main Street United Methodist Church! We are glad that you found us. Whether you are new to the community and looking for a church home or already a member of the Main Street church family we hope that you will find what you are looking for here.

The Main Street United Methodist Church has been a living presence in downtown Nashua for over 150 years. In fact, the motto that we strive to live up to every day is “The church with a heart in the heart of Nashua.” We seek to be the presence of Christ to everyone who walks through the door whether they are coming for food assistance from our Food Pantry; prescription assistance through our Prescription Program; or just looking for a place to rest for a few moments in the midst of a challenging day. Throughout the week we host a variety of groups that provide help and support to individuals who are struggling with addiction along with opportunities for our members to make a difference in the lives of others.

We are a diverse community of Christians represented by people from many different nations, cultures and languages as well as a variety of theological perspectives. We are women and men; young and old; gay and straight; rich and poor; married and single; high school graduates and PhDs. We live in downtown Nashua and many surrounding communities. Nevertheless, we are bound together by our mutual commitment to Jesus Christ whose followers we are. We seek to live in community; to journey together in faith; and to make a difference in the lives of others both here in Nashua and throughout the world.

We welcome you to be a part of this exciting fellowship of Christians and hope that you will find our hospitality to be warm and welcoming and our many programs to provide just what you are looking for in your own spiritual journey. We invite you as well to partner with us in being the presence of Christ to the hurting world that is right at our doorstep and beyond.

Grace and Peace,

Rich Cullen, Pastor