Our Nurture Group offers a number of services to our church members, including visits to those unable to get out, we host several parties throughout the year for our Joyful Shephards, as well.

Prayers: The Main Street United Methodist Church has a "prayer chain" which is our speedy email system of alerting our group of interested participants that someone from the church or a family member, a friend, neighbor, co-worker or themselves would like to be lifted up in prayer. To do this, please contact Cynthia Morrissey by email at

Meals: We are thrilled to be able to offer to church members and those in their immediate households our "Meals to Heal" program. This is a short term program we have set up specifically for those who are or have a family member who is hospitalized, is recovering from surgery or otherwise unable to provide meals for themselves or their family. Our volunteers cook a lovely meal and deliver it to your home - with deliveries made every 2 or 3 days. If you are a church member and this is something you need, please do not hesitate to call our office to set this up.

Rides to Appointments: Sometimes a church member may need a ride to an appointment. We encourage you to contact Caregivers, Inc. an agency that is fully set-up to do this in the great Nashua area - for further details contact: or 622-4948. There is a registration process, and they do need 2 - 3 weeks in advance to provide a ride. While this service is free and provided by their wonderful volunteers, it is always nice to offer to pay for gas, when possible.

Services for Seniors: Check out this link for "servicelink" which lists numerous services available to seniors: 598-4709. Some of the services include: supports for caregivers; counseling/mental health; education training/support groups; emergency preparedness/consumer & business services; family/community based supports; financial/employment supports; food/material goods/emergency services; medical & health services; housing/shelter & transportation; legal services/advocacy; medicare/insurance; special populations included handicapped.


If you are interested in joining our Nurture Group, contact Nancy Long -


Mission: To identify, engage and meet community needs within our congregation and the larger downtown community.

Our current work is focused on assisting refugee families that have been resettled into greater Nashua.


Building Relationships -- Encouraging Spirits

Every Thursday morning, a spirituality group meets 9-10 (over Zoom). The group is designed to provide mutual support and encouragement to participants. The group provides a sense of belonging where each is heard and accepted as they are. It's a chance to address our spiritual health in a safer space.

For over three years, Nonny has hosted this group encouraging healthy minds, bodies and spirits as a collaborative effort between MSUMC and Emmaus Institute.

The original idea from the group came from the Cafe Agape ministry which made a space for all people including those experiencing homelessness. Now, it includes anyone who wants a space for spiritual growth and support.

Even with the pandemic, when the building was closed by state health guidelines, this ministry continued. It helps to reach people beyond our church, those who will never join the church, people who may be without a faith tradition. It's a focus on what they need and the wellbeing of the total human being.

For more information, email Nonny Egbuonu or check out the Emmaus Institute.

Mindful Connections of Your Spirit

online conversations with a

holistic approach to wellness

Contact or

(603) 886-3760 for more information.


Main Street Church offers a meeting place for several support groups. Check our monthly calendar for meeting times.

211 NH is the connection for New Hampshire residents to the most up to date resources they need from specially trained Information and Referral Specialists. 211 NH is available 24 hours, 365 days a year. Multilingual assistance and TDD access is also available. For those outside of New Hampshire, call 1.866.444.4211. 

Main Street United Methodist Church works with community partners and does not provide vouchers, gift/gas cards, rental assistance, or any direct assistance to individuals.  When possible, we partner with local agencies with donated funds and resources.