Our commitment to service and justice is grounded in our love for God and one another. When you give to Main Street United Methodist Church, you support our work in the Heart of Nashua, from person to person ministry to meeting the needs of the marginalized, oppressed, and vulnerable among us.  

Supporting God's work in and through our congreagation is possible in multiple ways.

Mail a check to the church office, or use one of the following online options.

Online Giving Options

Donate using a PayPal account with no fees via the website.

Schedule donations by credit/debit card or electronic checking account transfer via our web site.


Special Sundays are designated Sundays each year that deepen the connection between the local church and ministries on a global scale. On each unique Sunday, individuals and congregations are encouraged to give to support the church's collective work with a special offering. This includes efforts to:

2024 UMC Special Sundays

See our Memorials & Donations page to give in memory or in honor of a loved one.