An Introduction to the Bible

A seven-week study began was held Sunday, April 27-June 7 2014, led by the Reverend Richard Cullen. Videos of the class are posted below. It is an introductory Bible class titled, "An Introduction to the Bible for those who Admit to Knowing Little" or "The Bible for Dummies!" Some of the topics covered in this class included the following:

  • The Bible is an ancient book that isn't really a book!
  • The Bible is sacred scripture for more than one major religion of the world!
  • Is the Bible the “word of God” and if so, in what sense is this true?
  • There’s more than one way to read the Bible!
  • Tools for Bible study.
  • What about all those Bible translations?

This is intended as a very basic introduction to the bible. There is no text for the class other than the Bible itself.

If you enjoy this video series or have specific questions not addressed in the class, please speak with Pastor Rich.