Let's Talk!

Nonyem E. Egbuonu

Nonny is your host for this weekly meeting.

Building Relationship -- Encouraging Spirits

Every Thursday morning, a spirituality group meets 9-10 (over Zoom right now). The group is designed to provide mutual support and encouragement to participants. The group provides a sense of belonging where each is heard and accepted as they are. It's a chance to address our spiritual health in a safer space.

For three years, Nonny has hosted this group encouraging healthy minds, bodies and spirits as a collaborative effort between MSUMC and Emmaus Institute.

The original idea from the group came from the Cafe Agape ministry which made a space for all people including those experiencing homelessness. Now, it includes anyone who wants a space for spiritual growth and support.

Even with the pandemic, when the building was closed by state health guidelines, this ministry continued. It helps to reach people beyond our church, those who will never join the church, people who may be without a faith tradition. It's a focus on what they need and the wellbeing of the total human being.

For more information, email Nonny Egbuonu or check out the Emmaus Institute.