Support Group Directory

Main Street Church offers a meeting place for several support groups.  Check our monthly calendar for meeting times.

Below is a link to a spreadsheet with information about numerous FREE Support Groups for various matters found throughout the greater Nashua area.  While the Main Street United Methodist Church itself does not necessarily endorse any of these groups, we would like to help make the burden of searching for such services a little easier.  Should you find any of these groups no longer meet, or the meeting time or place has changed, or the service is not free, or you have another meeting of interest that should be included on this listing, please email us ( with this information.


Includes Groups for:  Addictions, Bereavement, Elderly, Cancer, Mental Health, Parenting, Suicide & various other matters.  Be sure to contact the group prior to your first meeting for further details.

support groups - greater nashua 1-13